Meet Brett & Kristie

After many years of travel and working in Miami with people from all countries and cultures, it was under American skies in 1999 when we first met. From that day forth, our own love story spiralled into a marriage, a business and an expanding family. It became our dream to work together creating a career that reflects our passion for both family and photography, whilst maintaining a distinct vision on how the 'Harkness' brand would progress. In 2001 that dream became a reality and as 2018 is now upon us, that success is very much growing with every passing day. Kristie now takes care of the business behind the scenes and all client correspondence, image & album design. 

What the best in the industry say about us…    “Working with Brett Harkness is an absolute dream.  It is a pleasure having him and his team on any event.  Not only does he work extremely well under pressure, he instills so much calm in the client and makes the whole day incredibly enjoyable.  It is a hard task to make guests feel comfortable in front of the camera, but Brett’s personality always ensures they feel at ease and this results in the most stunning natural shots. Aside from being a total professional, I personally adore Brett’s work; Creative, artistic and has a unique edge to his photos.”  

His passion and drive to create, learn and shoot better than he did on his last shoot, is inspiring and completely unrelenting. He has a quiet confidance and humour that resonates amongst his clients, peers and family. “
— Krisite about Brett...
She has a unique eye for the build of a story, which she uses to the highest degree in the editing and album design. She is a strong business woman with a flair for creativity, a kind hearted mother and very much both my personal and business support.
— Brett on Kristie

Our business has gone from strength to strength and continues to grow with every passing month. I have been training now for nearly 10 years, bringing a wealth of knowledge to all that come on our courses or our bespoke 1-1 training. We have been shooting on the cutting edge of the social market now for over 13 years. Specialising in High End Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs & Bat Mitzvahs & Family Portraits. In recent years my Commercial & Location Portrait side to the business has flourished also and brought with it the interest & sponsorship of many household  names in the photography industry to my business.  I have been proud ambassador for Ricoh Pentax & the Pentax 645z MF camera now for 4 years | I have been Uk Ambassador with Manfrotto & Lee Filters for 2 years & Elinchrom Ltd for 10 years. Using these products on a daily basis means my imagery has changed and and will continue to change and grow as I carry on the ever winding path that is photography. I believe that to share my knowledge is a great thing and I consider our training some of the finest out there on the market today. It is albeit too easy nowadays for photographers to start training on the back of a handful of weddings making the training market saturated. There is a reason why we have such a long standing & every growing following within the photographic industry. I have trained 100's of photographers over the years , all of which have gained essential insight into not only how to be better at what they do but also how to build better & future proof businesses. Take a look at the courses that we have coming up in this Spring...

My trusty assistant Richard


Richard has been with me now for 6 years & in 2018 shot every wedding with me over a 12 month period. Visiting places such as Marrakesh, Spain, Italy , France , many times in the heart of London at venues such as The Dorchester, Claridges, The Savoy, The Grosvenor , Kew Gardens, Mayfair to name but a few... You are only as good as the people around you & Richard since coming onboard with me has learnt everything he needs to know to be one of the best assistants around. Richard is also an accomplished photographer in his own right and his own work continues to flourish. 

Kristie .. The Backbone of the business


As with any successful business you need successful people around you. Kristie for 10 years was my assistant out in the field. We have two beautiful children aged 7 & 3 so her roles have slightly change but continues to be the backbone of the business. Kristie takes care of all client enquiries from the first phone call or email through to Image editing & Album design. She is  a huge cog to keep the wheels of BHP turning the way it does.