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Welcome to Brett Harkness Photography Training. A site full of information , just for you!

I have been a Professional Photographer in the UK now for over 17 years, previously working in the USA in Miami.  In my eyes I am a photographer. I don't see it as a job, it's who I am. I love to take photographs; whether it is a Wedding, Family shoot, Portrait shoot, Commercial or Fashion assignment . I love to share this knowledge with others... I have been running my own Training Courses for over 10 years and have taught 100's of photographers in this time. Make sure you are one of them! 

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Keep a check on the blog this year as we fill it with exciting posts packed with info and posts from locations too....

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Our courses are open to anyone that wants to improve their own photographic technique. I teach in such a way that I makes it easy to understand. So if you are a hobbiest or an advanced pro then you will learn something. If you are just starting out shooting weddings or want to take your own weddings to another level then there is a course for you. If you are interested in bespoke 1-1 or small group training then get intouch via the site or on social media....

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If there is something you would like us to look at regarding training opportunities & courses then let us know. If there are enough people onboard and interested in the idea then we will look at running a bespoke course around that. We can come to you wherever you are!


Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.


Italy Course 2017


Past Courses


TOP 10 Wedding Tips


Wedding Photography! Where are we at….?


Home made background


Me & the 'Z'



Kit We use for Weddings



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Free Stuff to Watch

Take a look at some of the clips below.. Join my Vimeo & or You Tube feed to see more.. If there is something you want me to make a short video of then get intouch

Bride & Groom on the Beach

The day after filming for our 'Creative Flash for Weddings' DVD last year the weather was so nice we decided to stop by the beach wth our Bride & Groom - watch this 20 min clip for some great footage and learning... 


France Training

This clip shows Day 1 of on of our Lighting/Fashion courses in France. To see images taken on our Italy course in 2017 and various other abroad courses take a look at this link.... Brett Harkness - Fashion & Lighting

A few handy tips....

A few tips from myself to help you out on certain situations at weddings. Shot on a wedding in 2017 these clips cover shooting a civil ceremony and how to light it - getting ready - details and much more packed into a 7 min clip!


Real Life Wedding

Clips from our Real Life Wedding DVD. This DVD is now only available as a download. It was shot a few years ago and some things have changed but still holds true to todays wedding market. If you are just getting into Wedding Photography then this amy be the DVD to set you off on the right foot! Packed learning and all at a real wedding! 

Shooting in the rain...

Shooting the Bride & Groom inside whilst lighting the rain outside! Using the inside out method of shooting can be a great way to use the rain to your advantage using only a couple of speedlights & a little imagination....


Kit Used on a wedding

A short video clip showing some of the kit we take on our weddings. Sometime we use more and sometimes less! I usually shoot my weddings now on a 50mm 1.2L Canon lens. Whist also having a 35mm & 16-35 with me. I also use a small macro lens which comes in hand for close up details. To SEE A LIST CLICK HERE

Training DVD's & Downloads

If you haven't seen or purchased our fantastic set of Training DVD's then now is your chance to get them.

All released on download & Hard copy ( real weddings sold out - hard copy )

New Price 


Creative Flash for the Bride & Groom




130 MINS  



DVD - £20.00 inc vat & pp

Download - £15.00 inc vat


Creative Flash -

Buying options below 

If you have ever wanted to see Brett in action and learn the techniques that have made him one of the most sought after social photographers of his generation then this is the DVD for you. With 25 sections of great footage lasting over 130 mins if you want to cuddle up this Winter with some fantastic learning then this is the DVD for you. All quick to set up to take the session with your B&G to another level. Shooting in Bedroom/Staircase/Corridor/First Dance/ and so much more...  

New price


Light up your Weddings






140 MINS




DVD -  £20.00 inc vat & pp

Download - £15.00 inc vat


Light up Your Weddings -

Buying options below 

A DVD that answers a lot of the questions you have about the wonderful world of wedding photography!  let me take you on this roller coaster of a ride using just a speedlight , Lastolite Ezy Box , Pocket Wizards , a reflector & a lot of imagination! Taking a look at : Taking a look at : Couple shots  | Posing with the car  |Speeches | Group shots – Bridal Party indoor & out | Ceremony and how to light it  | First Dance | Table Details | Using Natural light & Reflector | Cutting the Cake

New Price


Real Life Wedding








130 MINS  - £15.00 ( DOWNLOAD ONLY )

Real Life Wedding -

Buying options below 

Download only Available - Our  DVD ” Real Wedding” has sold out as a hard copy but is still available as a download. The DVD is over 70 mins long with a further 60 min voice over, ” Directors voice over - me! ” covering more aspects of our wedding business. I also talk about my top 20 wedding shots from the last 18 months and you also get to see the finished album from the shoot. A few years old now but still relevant if you are just starting out in weddings..

What you do matters, but why you do it matters so much more
— unknown


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Light up Your Weddings DVD (disc)
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Light up Your Weddings DVD (disc)
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