Don't Just Take my Word for it!...

Our courses are open to anyone that wants to improve their own photographic technique. I teach in such a way that I make it easy to understand. So if you are a hobbiest or an advanced pro then you will learn something from our fantastic days...  Take a few minutes to read below some fabulous feedback from just a few of the great photographers that have been with us for training........ ( in no particular order )  


Louise Mills

" I've been on four workshops with Brett over the past two years and would absolutely recommend them without hesitation. He takes a down to earth and fun approach to teaching; explaining techniques in a plain English, making them easy to understand and taking you through the whole shooting process, whilst making you think when and how you might apply them to your own photography. He motivates, inspires and encourages you, whilst providing you with the knowledge and confidence that makes you want to go off and try everything that you've learned. If you're thinking about booking a course or a one to one with him, just do it; it will take your skills, knowledge and photography to a completely different level."


Carey Sheffield

'Brett introduced me to OCF many years ago using humble speed lights, even during that time with the simplest of equipment I was stunned at how he could sculpt light and see the possibilities in any situation. For him to translate this knowledge for the absolute beginner so that they may understand it and utilise for themselves is also something he has mastered. I have invested my time and money in Brett's teaching via his DVD, on location workshops, incredible week long trips abroad and in a one to one situation. Using natural light, strobes, speed lights.. he will help you understand light and how to make the best of it for your photography.'


Rob Jones

"Brett is God! What Can I say about a Brett Harkness Course.. Sarah and I went on our first one 4 years ago and have been on many since. The way he will teach you is so inspirational & really doesn't matter what level you are at , as you will still learn something new! We now feel that it doesn't matter what the weather throws at us, we are ready to produce fab images…"


Ben Appleby

I’d followed Brett’s work for a while and loved his lighting style. I decided that I needed to take my wedding work to the next level and knew that lighting and composition was the only way to do this, so naturally, I booked onto a course with Brett. His openness in how he teaches is truly refreshing and is always there to answer follow up questions, should there be any. After a day of being amazed, confused, corrected and inspired, I was fired up to take away what i’d learnt and implement it into my own wedding work. Since then I have been on a couple more of his courses and bought his DVD’s and my wedding work has gone from strength to strength. My prices have increased and bookings have gone through the roof and it’s all down to the things i’ve learnt from Brett and how i’ve implemented them into my own business model. I can’t thank you enough - You’ve truly inspired me to be a better photographer and continue to do so on a daily basis. “


Jon Mold

"I have so much respect and admiration for Brett and Kristie. They run a very successful photography business and remain at the top of photography workshops in the UK. Brett is still one of the leading technical photographers in the UK. I first saw his work back in 2011 when I was starting out and immediately reached out. I booked 3 of his lighting/wedding courses over the next 18 months (one of which was the 2-day glamping that was incredibly fun and inspiring). Each course pushed me further into understanding off camera flash and seeing light differently. Since my first course with BHP, Brett and Kristie have remained totally open and graceful in their support, sharing of knowledge and experience in the industry, still to this day I ping Brett a question and get a nugget of support or new technique to try. I can honestly say, without the workshops and support from Brett and Kirstie my photography business would not be where it is today without them."


Nick Haigh

"Being pretty new to the wedding photography industry i thought i would attend one of Bretts courses as i had heard so much about them. I have attended a few photography workshops before but this was the first of Brett's. The course i attended was ran at The Manor House at The Weston on the Green. It was without doubt the best photography course I have attended. I thought i knew enough about using flash in my images but Brett has certainly taught me how to think more about getting THE shot and how to use flash more creatively. If you're thinking of attending any photography course to improve your skills and knowledge then his courses are the ones. I'll certainly be attending another one!"


Gareth Tibbles

"I attended one of Brett's courses to learn more about controlling flash both on and off camera. On the course, Brett led me through the differences in both settings, requirements and different techniques for each scenario. This has given me a lot more confidence in using flash and the advantages it can bring to my images. I thoroughly recommend one of Brett's courses for the investment you make will lead to greater rewards."


Lee Alison

“I attended Brett’s course back in 2014 and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn flash. He explains everything in a clear way that’s easy to understand. He breaks everything down a simplifies the process. Teaching is a skill and Brett has this in abundance along with also being awesome photographer ;)If you want to improve your flash skills then this is the course for you. It’s the best flash course available in the UK!”