Real Wedding (download only)

Real Wedding (download only)

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This was our first ever DVD produced 6 years ago but still very relevant in how we go about shooting weddings today - some things have changed - some things haven not! Our DVD ” Real Wedding” has been selling like hot cakes and we are running out very quickly. A few people have asked to see a little of what is on it, so here are a few snippets from the disk. The DVD is over 70 mins long with a further 60 min voice over, ” Directors voice over” covering more aspects of our wedding business. I also talk about my top 20 wedding shots from the last 18 months and you also get to see the finished wedding album from the shoot. We have had some fantastic feedback already. If you haven’t bought one yet call the studio on 01706 340792 or buy through the site.

”Brett you never fail to inspire! Watched it from start to finish the minute it came through the door. Awesome work, great tips on the directors cut and just really well put together. Anyone looking to shoot weddings “with style” should get this DVD.’
– Steve Ashton, photographer

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