CARBERRY TOWER | All ABOUT WEDDINGS | EDINBURGH | SEP 17th | 2019 | 4 places left

CARBERRY TOWER | All ABOUT WEDDINGS | EDINBURGH | SEP 17th | 2019 | 4 places left


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Brett says..."  After thinking of stretching our training further afield I am super happy to be brining our wedding training to beautiful , historic Edinburgh for the firs time ever. We pride ourselves on everything that we do at Brett Harkness Photography and our training courses are no exception. Apart from the obvious information being passed on we look to take care of all the details from dresses & outfits used to food and comfort. We will work you hard !! But our days are filled with fun, exceptional shooting and most importantly the chance to learn! Nationally renowned as one of the most romantic places to marry in Scotland, Carberry Tower Mansion House and Estate is a place of intimate grandeur.”

This course will teach you...

  • Spend a day with Brett looking at what makes him tick and work at the top end of the wedding market.

  • How to produce breathtaking images packed with emotion with little fuss.

  • Looking at timing, posing,documentary & getting the most from every opportunity at your weddings

  • We will be looking at using different backgrounds & natural light & flash to get the most from your clients & to give them something different

  • Looking at how we use flash creatively at our own weddings to get the "WOW" images

  • Flash for first dance | cake | group shots | & so much more...

  • Look at how Brett Plans the shooting for his own weddings

  • Using speedlights | Einchrom ELB 400 & 1200

  • A great day to learn all you can about weddings with one of the Uk's top photographers.

  • Ltd to no more than 12 photographers


Photography course snapshot

This shooting & theory  day will take you through the steps to produce amazing imagery of your Bride & Groom on their wedding day and leave you with stunning images with particular emphasis on shooting in the winter months. This fantastic one day course will be full to the brim with great shooting opportunity. Using spaces inside and out we will look at how to create great images in the shortest of time and making the most of the daylight available & mix it up with flash also. The day will be split into the am & pm session. In the morning we will be looking at some of Brett's imagery and talking through the process of being the best you can be. In the afternoon we will be shooting in and around the location, looking to utilize shape, texture, posing, lighting and all round wedding shooting. Brett will teach you some of the tricks that makes him one of the UK’s most successful & sought after wedding photographers.



Equipment needed

  • Camera

  • Any lens near 50mm & wide angle lens

  • Indoor & Outdoor clothes ( warm clothes!)

  • Empty cards

  • Enthusiasm

  • Lots of questions !

  • Pad & pen or laptop to take notes ( recording of the training is not allowed )



Who is this course aimed at & what do I get for my money?

Our courses are open to anyone that wants to improve their own photographic technique. Brett teaches in such a way that he makes it easy to understand. So if you are a hobbiest or an advanced pro then you will learn something from Brett Harkness. If you are just starting out shooting weddings or want to take your own weddings to another level then this is the day for you. We will be using daylight & flash and teaching in such a way that you will have ample time to ask questions and practice until it all makes sense! You will get an awesome day full of learning and shooting. Coffee & Tea will be provided as well as a light lunch and snacks.


Don't miss the opportunity to shoot in and around this amazing venue. This is the first time we have secured a course at this stunning venue and we will have ample time to shoot the bride & groom in all manor of poses & different lighting techniques. You can book a place by choosing to pay via paypal or credit/debit card or by calling the studio on 01706340792 or 0203 4685608.. to pay the full amount.


What photographers say about our courses

Rob Jones-  "Brett is GOD - What can I say about a Brett Harkness Course….. Sarah and I went on our first one 4 years ago and have been on many more since. The way he will teach you is so inspirational and really doesn’t matter what level you are at, as you will learn something new . We now feel that it doesn’t matter what the weather throws at us we are ready to produce fab images, in this country or destination weddings.

Stephen - " My mind was blown away with the information and have already started ordering new equipment to get practising!!! I had a fantastic day and thought it was extremely well organised. Brett you were very inspirational and the information I hope comes in very useful for my future weddings. Kristie thanks for your kind hospitality it was very much appreciated and holding the flash all afternoon. I got some great images and loved every minute. Thank you again and I will be n touch soon Brett for some one to one training but think the day of shooting sounds good. "

Ben Appleby Photography  - I’d followed Brett’s work for a while and loved his lighting style. I decided that I needed to take my wedding work to the next level and knew that lighting and composition was the only way to do this, so naturally, I booked onto a course with Brett. His openness in how he teaches is truly refreshing and is always there to answer follow up questions, should there be any. After a day of being amazed, confused, corrected and inspired, I was fired up to take away what i’d learnt and implement it into my own wedding work. Since then I have been on a couple more of his courses and bought his DVD’s and my wedding work has gone from strength to strength. My prices have increased and bookings have gone through the roof and it’s all down to the things i’ve learnt from Brett and how i’ve implemented them into my own business model. I can’t thank you enough - You’ve truly inspired me to be a better photographer and continue to do so on a daily basis. "




If you can't wait for this course and want to see what we do at weddings now then  and go to our DVD shop to watch, download & purchase our two wonderful wedding DVD's. Don't miss out on this amazing resource & hive of information.

Cancellation Policy 2019:

Please note we need 5 photographers for this course to go ahead. In the event of cancellation of your place on the seminar please contact us by phone or email as soon as possible. The exception to this is if we have enough prior notice and are able to put a cancellation place back online AND your place is resold. Once we have resold your place we will be able to refund all monies paid to date for the specific seminar. We will do our very best to find another delegate to take your place through our Members List, and Social Network. If the course does not go ahead due to numbers you will have the opportunity to carry the monies paid to another course or receive a full refund. 



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All prices shown include VAT of 20%