Creative Flash DVD

Creative Flash DVD

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The DVD you have all been asking for is here! Step by step, Brett Harkness takes you through the techniques that he uses when using Flash with his Bride & Groom. Brett has made his name & developed his style by mixing his documentary skills alongside using flash at his weddings. Brett talks you through step by step his reasons for creating such shots, the techniques used and the equipment utilized. Using a mixture of Speedlights & Elinchrom Ranger Lights watch Brett shoot indoors, in the dark, in a basement, bedroom & so much more. If you have ever wanted to see Brett in action and learn the techniques that have made him one of the most sought after social photographers of his generation then this is the DVD for you. With 25 sections of great footage lasting over 130 mins if you want to cuddle up this Winter with some fantastic learning then this is the DVD for you.
There are a lot of speed light set ups as well as Elinchrom usage. All quick to set up to take the session with your B&G to another level. Shooting in Bedroom/Dark Basement/Staircase/Corridor/Doorway/Outside in Barn/Sky/First Dance/ and so much more. Equipment used, technical method explained etc..

loving the Creative Flash DVD!! Very inspirational. Now asking for the Real Wedding DVD for Christmas!’

– Kate Marsden, photographer 


Congratulations on the ‘Creative Flash’ DVD, this is an excellent training production with some really informative techniques, styles and laughs. We all enjoyed watching it for the first time, as I will be reviewing it again-and-again for each chapter towards refining my own styles in Wedding Photography. Itching to get my camera back in my hand and using some of my limited use kits – I’m even more excited towards the next Winter Weddings Training course – very excited. I could not recommend this DVD higher – honest, concise and encouraging. Nice One!!”

- Martin Draper, photographer

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