Wedding kit

Some of the great kit used for weddings..


Some of you have been asking about the kit we used yesterday so here goes:

Speed lights - YongNuo YN-568EX II Flashgun ( approx £50 ) with Lastolite grids ( Strobo kit - ) gels on shot inside

Stands - I mainly use Manfrotto and the stands we had the flashes on in the training room were interlocking Manfrotto stands - ( 1004BAC stands )

Pole - Richard was holding the flash on a lastolite extending pole 

We used the Elinchrom ELB  400w ( approx £1250 ) pack for some shooting -  this is the pack I use the most now for weddings and if you are looking to upgrade look no further - find info here - - if you re interested then call RUSS at the The Flash Centre in Leeds - tell him you have been on a course and he will help you out! 

Maybe a better price too!

We also used the large pack which is the Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS pack - these are awesome units but quite heavy - they are being replaced by these -

But you could probably pick up a 2nd hand one once the market becomes saturated with them. 

We used also the Calumet Genesis GF400 ( shot through the curtains at beginning - this is a great flash and for the money as strong as the ELB - you’ll have to get a soft box also to soften it down - you can slo use the battery pack that comes with it to power a speed light! - speak to George at Calumet - Manchester - he’ll help out and maybe knock a little off if you tell him you’ve been on a course .

Reflector - we used a Lastolite Tri Grip reflector - Sunfire / Softsilver

Triggers - they were Pocket Wizard - Plus 2 / 3 & x’s. There are many manual triggers out there including calumets own brand - and many others - phottix etc… if you are wanting to go high speed with the flashes then you’ll need a high speed trigger - again phoenix make some good ones - ask Russ or George - they will help you out. 

Belt system is the Think Tank Belt system - look at Snapper Stuff! ( I you do buy anything from Snapperstuff I have an offer code so let me know if you are buying! ) 


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