What makes BHP Training so good? Brett Harkness Training

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”
— Oscar Wilde

I have been training photographers now for over 10 years and our courses go from strength to strength every year. Take a look to see images from our last year of training in 2017...



Some of the wonderful images we have shot in 2016 & 2017 on our BHP Training Courses.....

What a wonderful year of training we had in 2017 with courses being held all over the UK & beyond. Our courses are very much geared for the individual that wants to take their own wedding | flash & portraiture to another level of creativity.

Our training courses last year took us to central London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool , Ireland & Italy. We aim to make our training an experience that will not only allow you to shoot but also to learn. It is very important for me as a trainer that you don’t just come away with a camera full of great images but also the knowledge how to do it for yourself. I have always believed this to be the most important aspect of any training course – otherwise why call it training!

Our days usually start off talking about some of the techniques I use whilst shooting a wedding, looking at timings, images and ways to make your wedding day run smoothly. I also talk about the business of weddings, an important subject I think & one that people often overlook. After coffee & cookies we start to shoot, taking it easy at first looking at different ways to use daylight for the getting ready section of the day, looking at the details that make this section of the day work. I will talk about little techniques we use to  correct White Balance , looking at using shadow light and creating simple and emotive images that help your brand stand out from the others. After lunch & more coffee we will head out,  either outside or inside depending upon the weather and then mix it up during the day. There is usually plenty of time to shoot for yourself as well as watch me shoot.

Working with the couple we will use different techniques including off camera flash, working with reflectors, putting movement into your images, group shots, ceremony & how to light  & so much more. I try and take you through as much as I can as I would at a real wedding! We will also look at the method of using flash – its not just put it on P and hope! There is time after for questions & another cookie!

This year we have courses out at the moment in Cheshire,  Oxford & Essex and are planning an end of year Fashion Course somewhere amazing!


Some images from our fabulous Italian Fashion & Lighting trip at the end of October 2017...

We have photographers from all walks of life and at varying stages of their careers, some looking for a boost, others just starting out and wanting to be lead in the right direction to success!

One thing is for sure – you WILL learn – you WILL have fun & you WILL go away feeling energised about your own business & photography.


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