My Home Made Background

A while ago I decided to make my own background, having searched high and low for a suitable background without success. So I found a wall, got the bits and am pretty happy with what I managed to do!! 

I have been looking for a background for quite a while now that suits they kind of portraiture I am looking to test & produce and just haven’t found one. I looked at places in the USA where they had heavy muslin or canvas backgrounds but you were looking at $400+ ! So I thought hang on what about giving it a go myself. We have just moved house & studio so before the room gets done up why not turn one of the walls into a temporary studio! So here it is!

So I started with a call out on FB to seek if anyone had done anything like this before, much advice was passed on – “do it with Photoshop! Paint. Panels. Wallpaper!” much appreciated advice but I knew I was going it alone and had two days to do it before my first test. So two 8ft MDF sheets were bought, a bag of tile Bostik screed, paint I already had and a bit of filler! After screwing the MDF to the wall, I made sure the joining line was filled and sanded as the screw holes too.

Then I applied some matte paint to the MDF as a base and also to help the screed stick. Allowing it to dry I then mixed the tile screed and applied it with an old scraper, one which had old bits of cement still stuck to it, this was very important as it is what helps give the texture/scratches to the surface.



After this went off , the next day I applied my darker grey top coat/ semi Matt paint and allowed it to dry. Then gave it a light sand all over in a random way so as not to ad uniformity to the background. After a wipe down we were good to go!

I was looking for a concrete type finish , whilst not perfect it looks better than I hoped and I am working on Kris to see if I can make another next to it!!



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